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The Basics of Mediumship

Despite common misconceptions, mediums and psychics are actually two different practices but they feed into each other and do share some similarities. A psychic is someone who can "read" a person's energy and get information about the person's life, past, present and potential future. On the other hand, a medium connects with deceased love ones and relays information about their lives or any messages that the deceased loved ones may have. As both a psychic and a medium, I tune into connections from past lives, things done in your past, and those who have passed to the other side. I can connect with your present and current life. I also can give insight regarding your future by providing specific details about relationships, career, health, etc. During readings, I receive information by connecting with loved ones, spirit, angels, life guides and psychic information. They all work together as a team to bring you peace and information. As previously mentioned, I receive information from both angels and spirit guides. A saying that helps to decipher the difference between the two is, “angels protect and spirit guides direct.” Angels, like our personal bodyguards, are here to protect us. Spirit guides experienced life on this earth and are here to guide us through life. Spirit guides can be family, friends or someone who has experienced a specific issue we’re facing. During a reading, many people hope to hear from a specific person. I cannot guarantee that any spirit will come through during your reading but, most likely, if you were close they will come through but if they do not, do not be offended. Spirits are made up of energy and it requires a significant amount to communicate with someone on earth Oftentimes, people wonder if they are disturbing their loved ones by having a reading and asking them to come. Your loved ones choose to come. Those that do are always happy to be there. It doesn't matter if you had the best relationship in the world with that person, or if you had a not-so-good relationship and have some unresolved issues with them. No one can force them to come. They come freely. Please understand that as much as it is healing for you, it is healing for them as well.

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