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Frequently Asked Questions

Michelle works hard to make sure that you are as comfortable as possible throughout your time with her.


What is the difference between a psychic and a medium?

A psychic is someone who can "read" a person's energy and get information about the person's life, past, present and potential future. A medium connects with deceased love ones, and relays information about their lives, the sitter's life (the person getting the reading), and any messages that the deceased loved ones may have for you.

Michelle Clare is both a psychic and a medium. She can tune into connections from past lives, things you have done in your past, and those who have passed to the other side. She can also connect with your present and who/what you are involved with currently. She can also give you insight into your future by providing specific details about relationships, career, health, etc. 

Do I have to be a firm believer to communicate with Spirit?

You don’t have to be a firm believer but it helps to be open to it. The more open you are to Spirit, the more likely you’ll receive in-depth, quality messages.

What is meant by the Spirit World?

The Spirit World is the next life after this one. Once we pass from this earth, our Spirit transforms into pure energy which allows our loved ones to communicate with us.

What’s the difference between a Spirit Guide and an Angel?

Angels protect and Spirit Guides direct. Angels, like our personal bodyguards, are here to protect us. Spirit Guides experienced life on this earth and are here to guide us through life. Spirit Guides can be family, friends or someone who has experienced a specific issue we’re facing.

How does Michelle get information during a reading?

During readings Michelle connects with your loved ones in Spirit, angels, life guides and psychic information. They work together as a team to bring you peace and information.

Can you guarantee that a specific person will come through in our appointment? 

Michelle cannot guarantee that any spirit will absolutely come through during your reading. Its most likely if you were close they will come through but if they do not, do not be offended. Spirits are made up of energy and it requires a significant amount to communicate with someone on earth. Michelle uses her energy and her own brain to interpret messages which may not always come across perfectly.

Will I get bad news?

You will not get bad news. Michelle does not receive or deliver bad news. She may get a warning about something like taking extra health precautions because a condition runs in your family, but only if that warning serves a purpose or can help you to avoid future bad news.

Do I need to meet with Michelle in person or is it the same as doing a phone session?

You do not need to be with Michelle in person. Though she loves meeting in person, the quality of the reading is not altered if you are in person or not. She receives the exact same information either way. 

Am I disturbing my loved ones by having a reading and asking them to come?

Not at all. Your loved ones choose to come. Those that do are always happy to be there. It doesn't matter if you had the best relationship in the world with that person, or if you had a not so good relationship and have some unresolved issues with them. No one can force them to come. They come freely. Please understand that as much as it is healing for you, it is healing for them as well.

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