As a successful Evidential Medium and Intuitive Life Coach, I help my clients overcome many different obstacles. It is my passion to lovingly empower, direct and validate each  person.   Clients have their own life story, their own life plan and their own Loved Ones who have passed.  I help my clients find peace, understanding and equip them with tools to reconnect with their Loved Ones who have transitioned, as well as, move forward with their personal life goals and ambitions. It is my intention that each person I read will find inspiration, comfort and understand that we are not living this life alone.  We are being helped and guided from the other side. If we could see souls instead of bodies, the illusion that our Loved Ones have disappeared would vanish.                      

                   Love Lives On


How I Can

Help You

My One On One Reading allows clients to express their personal needs, in a more intimate setting. This can be done in person, over the phone or through Skype.

A Group Reading is perfect for family or friends. I will help you connect with Loved Ones, recognize the signs that they are sending you and empower you to make your own connections.


Gilbert, Arizona


Tel: 480-744-9161

Email: MediumMichelleClare@gmail.com

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