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Soul Family

Have you ever heard the term “soul family,” and wondered what it meant? The name soul family means exactly what it suggests, it's families of souls that have a tendency to reincarnate together. Our soul family members often share commonalities and personality traits. Our soul family members can be our best friends and our worst enemies in life because we are here to help one another grow. They share similar life lessons and themes. Soul family members can come in and out of your life and they do not always reincarnate with you; although, they typically do.

When you meet someone for the first time and feel like you already know them, it is likely they are a soul family member. During our lifetime we will not run into all of our soul family members but we will run into many of them. There are times when a soul will incarnate and their soul family will not. A lot of the time these people feel very alone in the world or misplaced but when we return back to heaven we are reunited with our earthly family members and our soul family members.

Not all human families are filled with soul family members. Sometimes a soul family will take in a soul from another family and help them to elevate their level of learning so that they can grow and evolve. So, not every member of your human family is a member of your soul family and you probably know this by observing your family. Naturally, you will feel more connected to some people than others. Some people feel like the, “black sheep,” of the family or the, “odd one out,” and typically people who feel this way have chosen to reincarnate with a soul family that is not their own.

Soulmates are a topic that many people speculate about and often soulmates are seen as, “the one true love of your life,” but soulmates can actually come in many different forms and you can have several in one lifetime. Soulmates can take the forms of lovers, friends, even as animals. While soulmates are real, there is not just one soulmate for everybody. Sometimes people will marry their soulmate, then their soulmate will cross over and they will remarry another person who is also their soulmate.

Soul family members are REAL! Take a look around and take inventory of the soulmates in your life.

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