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What is an ADC?

Many times, I am asked about what I do as a Psychic Medium, Angel Communicator, Intuitive Life Coach and what a Spiritual Consulting Session looks like. So let me start by saying that I have many tools in my “spiritual toolbox” that I utilize during our session to help you receive the inspirational healing and personal messages that you need.

I want to start with some of the basic concepts surrounding channeling spirits. Channeling often comes in the form of after-death communication (ADC) from your Loved Ones, Life Guides, Angels and Spirit Guides. In a previous blog I shared that the difference between Angels and Spirit Guides is that "Angels protect and Spirit Guides direct."

Channeling, or after-death communication (ADC), from your Loved ones, Angels and Spirit Guides offers a direct and intriguing pathway to the insight and connection you might be seeking. Note - ADC is a very effective "tool" for individuals coping with the loss of loved ones. For some, there might be an ongoing sense of “something” or “someone” trying to send a message, maybe a feeling or awareness that you are not alone. It doesn’t always happen right after a loved one has passed, sometimes it might be after a period of time since the passing.


These spiritual interactions can provide many different things. They can be a source of comfort, knowing your loved one is there. They can also be a way of closure, if you felt like there were things left to be said. Just as important, these messages can also provide a sense of continuity beyond physical existence that can potentially aid in the healing process by providing you with a sense of not being alone or feeling "left behind".


Here are some examples of how these messages might help support grief recovery.


The Comfort of Presence

Immediate Emotional Relief: The sudden absence of a loved one leaves a void. It is both physical and emotional. Spirit channeling or ADC can offer the bereaved a sense of their loved one's presence. This can offer immediate comfort. The interaction does not need to be long; it can be a brief communication or even a confirmation of “signs” that are not coincidences. This can reassure the grieving that their loved ones are at peace.

Continuity of Relationship: Grief often stems from the abrupt end to a relationship. Through ADC, individuals report ongoing interactions that suggest relationships continue beyond death. This ongoing connection can ease the pain of separation.


Understanding and Acceptance

The Afterlife Communications: These often provide insights that reassure the bereaved that Death is not the end. This knowledge can transform one's understanding of death, promoting acceptance and comfort of knowing their loves one is always in their life.

Messages of Forgiveness: ADC and channeling convey messages of love, forgiveness, and reassurance. For those left with unresolved issues, these messages can be very healing. It allows them to forgive themselves and their departed loved ones.


Closure and Moving Forward

Addressing Unfinished Business: The opportunity to communicate posthumously can help resolve unfinished business. This provides the bereaved with a sense of comfort and closure. This resolution is essential for moving forward.

Guidance for the Bereaved: Spirits often offer advice or encouragement. This helps the living navigate their grief. This guidance can be comforting, providing a sense of direction in a time of loss.


Personal Growth and Transformation

Strengthening Spiritual Beliefs: For many, these experiences reinforce or reshape spiritual beliefs. A strengthened spiritual outlook can offer a broader perspective on life and death. This new perspective also aids in the healing process.

Empowerment and Self-discovery: Engaging with the unseen requires courage and openness. For the bereaved, this process can lead to personal growth and empowerment. It can give a deeper understanding of oneself and the universe.


Community and Shared Experiences

Creating a Supportive Community: Sharing ADC experiences can provide support. You can connect with others who have had similar experiences and create a supportive community that validates experiences and feelings.

 Cultural and Historical Validation: Many cultures and religions follow traditions of communicating with the afterlife. Engaging in these practices can provide a sense of belonging. This extends out to a larger, historical community, offering more comfort and validation.


Challenges and Considerations

Subjectivity and Skepticism: It's important to acknowledge ADC and channeling are subjective experiences. Skepticism from others can be hurtful. But many find these experiences real and healing.

Emotional Readiness: Not everyone is ready for these experiences. It's crucial to approach them with care. They should provide you with a source of comfort, not extra stress, or confusion.

Ethical Mediumship: It’s important to engage with ethical, compassionate mediums. The one you choose to aid you in your grief journey is essential. Ethical mediumship prioritizes the well-being of the bereaved. They also provide respectful treatment of spirits.


What can you do if you are grieving the loss of a loved one? Channeling spirits and after-death communication can be something to explore. They can offer profound comfort and healing. It provides a sense of presence, facilitating closure, and encouraging personal growth. These experiences can aid the bereavement process. It's vital to approach these interactions with openness, and readiness. A supportive community can aid as you navigate the complex emotions involved.


As you can see, Spiritual Channeling or ADC, can be used as a powerful tool for understanding, healing, connection and direction. We will continue to explore ADC, NDE’s and what they teach us about hope, how using an Intuitive Life Coach can help you during a career transition, Personal Psychic Development, creating a Sacred Space in your Home and other subjects in future blogs, stay tuned!

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